Mobile App Banner Ad

Place a banner ad in the mobile app attendees will see frequently.  Most attendees will be opening their mobile app many times a day to check session times and locations, plus other valuable information they wish to find.  Your message will be on a rotating banner ad on their access pages.

Your ad will:

  • Draw attention to your brand or message
  • Link to your dedicated page within the app where you can expand upon the message
  • Provide valuable information on your company's display location or other company data
  • Provide an opportunity for a call to action
  • Be accessible for weeks before the Assembly and many months after the event is over

Optional multi-media streaming for $250.00 additional.  Ads rotate approximately every 5-8 seconds. 


Limited quantity of banner ads available.  Click here for banner ad order form.


Price includes ad placement.  Deadline to submit artwork to AAHPM: February 28, 2018


Click here to view ad specifications.




Rotating Banner Ad

640W x 110H pixels

.jpg or .png format

300 dpi

All banners click through to an accompanying app landing page.


Accompanying Full-Screen App Landing Page

iPhone 4: 320 x 418 pixels (required)

iPhone 5: 640 x 1008 pixels (required)

Tablet Portrait: 1536 x 1920 pixels (required)

Tablet Landscape: 1408 x 1408 pixels (required)

.jpg or .png format

300 dpi


No visible outside graphic borders.  App Landing Pages may contain graphic buttons or "hot spots" that link users to provided webpage URLs (recommended button size at least 64 x 64 pixels)

Banner Ad order form found here.