Support the Industry

AAHPM & HPNA Sponsorship Levels

AAHPM & HPNA wish to acknowledge our sponsors in as many ways as possible dependent on the amount of support.  The listing shown represents some of the benefits and ways your support will be acknowledged.


We can create customized support packages based on your budget and desired impact!

Contact for pricing

Charging Stations

Grab the attention of attendees and provide a great service!  A charging station offers a convenient area for attendees to charge their devices. Each station contains 4 individual charging sides with cabling for most mobile phones, tablets, and small laptops. The station will be branded with your company graphics and placed in a high-traffic area. Price includes production. Deadline to submit materials to AAHPM: January 12, 2018.


Multiple locations available!



Food or Beverage Station

Food and beverage stations are highly anticipated by the attendees during Assembly breaks as a means to refuel and refresh.  A station will be placed near your booth, driving both traffic and visibility.

Your sponsorship during this high traffic time will be acknowledged with a sign acknowledging your support and providing excellent visibility for your organization.  You may provide cups and napkins with your company logo.

  • Deadline to submit materials to AAHPM for approval: January 12, 2018. 
  • Deadline to submit physical branding objects (cups, sleeves, napkins): February 21, 2018.

Opening Reception (Exclusive)

The Annual Assembly Opening Reception is highly anticipated by the attendees as a time to celebrate the profession with their peers, re-connect with acquaintances, and network with others in the field. 


Your exclusive sponsorship during this high traffic time will be acknowledged with:

  • sponsorship of all of the food and/or beverage stations throughout the Exhibit Hall during the Wednesday evening reception with cocktail napkins and signage
  • Acknowledgement in the Program App and a push notification through the app with your message during the reception
  • Deadline to submit materials to AAHPM: January 12, 2018


Your company’s name will be front and center on this highly visible branding opportunity.

The Assembly TECH-DECK, brought to you by (Your Company’s Name Here) and featuring your company’s logo, is sure to create a buzz at Assembly. The TECH-DECK, similar to Apple’s Genius Bar, will be located near the Registration area. Provide a valuable face-to-face service for concerned attendees.  Attendees will be able to ask for free expert advice about their tablets, mobile devices, apps, e-mails, and more.


Opportunity Details

  • Staffed by AAHPM staff wearing your T-shirts, or your IT staff
  • Deadline to submit graphic materials to AAHPM: January 12, 2018


View 3rd floor location here.